Coldline was founded in 1995 with the aim of creating a business specialising in the production of professional refrigerating equipment.

Over the past 20 years a lot has changed in the catering world: the layout of the kitchen, staff training, preparation techniques as well as the technologies used for the preservation of food. Coldline has reacted to these changes by developing and innovating a range of products that are considered to be the best in the refrigeration market for meeting the needs of the modern kitchen.

The consolidation of Coldline as an international brand has come about due to its success with projects such as: “FSS”, Fast Service System which is an example of the company’s ability to innovate, allowing a faster and more efficient after-sales service; The “VISION” range, that includes blast chillers, retarder provers and storage units which has taken the kitchen to a higher level, using a technology that manages temperature, humidity and air flow; The “LIFE” range which has revolutionised the performance and usability of the blast chiller for use in the home.


Today Coldline sells to more than 60 countries worldwide and is now one of the most recognizable brands in the professional refrigeration market. During Coldline’s history there have been a number of significant  achievements and important developments. The success has been achieved through the constant improvement of its products and production methods, using the best available technology for processing sheet metal, the construction of bodies and the development of refrigeration systems. All the products are made in Torreglia (PD), Italy.

Everyone involved with the Coldline brand knows they are part of something very special. The staff have built up a strong and trusting relationship with its customers, its suppliers and all its partners.

Coldline remains an independent family-run business that is still faithful to the ideals of its founders: passion for its work and a willingness to innovate.



Coldline appliances are in daily use in thousands of kitchens and bakeries around the world. Its technology allows chefs and pastry cooks to impose their individual style on their working environment, using their own distinctive abilities, traditions and innovative ideas.

The research and development team focuses on creating products with simple shapes, modularity elements, which are easy to clean. For this reason, Coldline works with professionals within the sector to develop high quality products, suitable for large and small restaurants, catering companies and other businesses involved in the production of meals, such as hospitals and schools.

Coldline has a thermodynamic modern laboratory boasting the latest equipment. 15% of the employees work in Research and Development and if external contractors are included this figure rises to 20%. 

All appliances are designed to maximize quality, energy saving and respect for the environment through the careful selection of materials, a reduction in the number of components and the use of 100% recyclable packaging.



 Coldline complies with the UNI EN ISO 9001:2008, ensuring its standards are in line with customer expectations. In order to maintain the high quality of the products and its services, all processes, starting from the R&D department through to after-sales, are carefully monitored.


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