Pizza plug-in

Modern demands are combined with ancient recipes to keep up the tradition of the most famous Italian dish in the world. Coldline responds to these new requirements with a range of counters designed for perfect storage of dough and ingredients. Pizza counters are 80 cm deep, accommodate 7 EN60×40 containers per compartment, with operating temperatures of -2°+8°C.

Use modular refrigeration units, drawers, and granite worktops to design the best solution for reach the best organisation, and to prepare your pizza even quicker. Choose whether you prefer the technical compartment to the right or left, with no price increase. The refrigeration system will always be kept a suitable distance from the oven, with benefits in terms of efficiency and energy-saving.

The innovative dual air circulation system ensures maximum cooling efficiency and optimum temperature distribution even at full load. A delicate cold and indirect ventilation keep optimal humidity levels to ensure proper hydration and prevent superficial cracks from forming.

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