The secret to good pizza is in the quality of a well risen dough, made with first-choice flour and yeast, and skilful cooking. The result is fragrant, crisp and tasty pizza, enhanced by the touch of experience of the pizza maker. Coldline Pizza counters perfectly preserves the quality of your dough until you need to prepare it, when pizza takes shape on the hardwearing granite worktop to become the great delicacy your customers are used to.

You can count on a large, strong and thick granite worktop. You can work worry-free and roll out your dough without the risk of sticking it to the surface. The plinths on three sides (H200 mm) allow you to place the refrigerated display cabinet with toppings above the worktop, clearing the space below.

The structure of the counter allows you to exploit the version without a worktop, creating compositions with other ambient and refrigerated units. The worktop can be supplied with a small service sink fitted to the technical compartment – a very useful accessory when preparing pizzas. The refrigerated counter and the refrigerated panholder have an independent technical compartment to adjust different temperatures and guarantee excellent performance.

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