Thanks to research and technological development Coldline produces in Italy devices specifically designed for the blast chilling and storage of ice cream. 
These devices are essential tools to help the professional ice cream maker to streamline and greatly reduce the working time and to achieve an excellent quality ice cream.

The rapid cooling at -12 ° C or -18 ° C, obtained with the Coldline blast chiller allows to maintain unchanged the structure and quality of ice cream just creamed. The blast chilling micro-crystallizes the water naturally contained in the ice cream and allows you to maintain the volume, flavor and creaminess.
The ice cream not blast chilled and inserted in the showcase at the temperature of -12 ° C melts in the surface and inside macro-ice crystals will create due to the slow cooling. Quality is irretrievably lost, ice cream will be uninviting and difficult to sell.

Quick cold technology allows you to improve the organization of your laboratory, rationalize purchases, increase productivity and profits. The blast chilled ice cream can be stored for several days maintaining its original quality and allowing you to always have available a large assortment of flavors.

Thanks to Coldline blast chillers you drastically reduce the time of preparation of ice-cream sticks, frozen desserts, ice cream cakes and ices; you are able to meet even the last-minute requests to rebuild your exposure during exceptional sales.

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