Molini Valente organises two courses dedicated to bakery and proving and Vision, the device that combines blast chilling, blast freezing, proving, thawing and chocolate crystallisation has been chosen as support of these two events.

The courses, hold by Piergiorgio Giorilli and Ms. Elena Lipetskaia, take place in Felizzano, in the bakery laboratory of the company, and allow you to get in touch with the whole world of bakery.

The meetings will be a cultural journey from knowledge of the raw material to the finished product. 






Course topic: Il Panettone, proved products with yeast mixture, Viennoiserie (breakfast/snacks), puff pastry

Days: 16,17,18 November

Times: Monday 9.00am-17:30pm / Tuesday 7.00am-20.00pm / Wednesday 8.00am-17.30pm

Teachers: Piergiorgio Giorilli, Elena Lipetskaia


-       Realization of proved dough with the classic technique

-       Realization of proved dough with the technique of the yeast in the water

-       Theory and practice of production methods, processing and maintenance of the yeast

-       Panettone slow processing with recipes totally made with yeast and other mixed yeasts

-       Realization of modern croissanterie and viennoiserie: puff pastries in yeast mixture, French croissants, pain au chocolat and others.


Course topic: Using cold in bakery

Days: 19, 20 November

Dates: 9.00am-17:30pm

Teachers: Piergiorgio Giorilli, Elena Lipetskaia


-       Cold Technology, applied to the mixtures and finished product

Controlled fermentation techniques and pre-cooking of bread and special frozen products.