Dark, semi-sweet and sweet chocolate, an amazing product obtained by mixing cocoa paste, cocoa butter and sugar. VISION features the extraordinary ability to control temperature even with low humidity levels, which is essential for processing chocolate. Make chocolate in your own restaurant on special occasions, such as Valentine's Day or Easter, and enhance your offer with fine spirits like whiskey or brandy, matched with a selection of chocolates served in order of increasing taste and intensity, coming in unique, customised shapes for your restaurant.

Simply cooling liquid chocolate will not get you a shiny and crisp product due to poor crystallisation of cocoa butter. A normal refrigerator does not feature adequate temperatures and humidity control functions, which will lead to a deterioration in quality. With VISION you can stabilise and store chocolate at the perfect temperature with low humidity levels, as well as running a special “pop-out” cycle  with adjustable temperature, humidity and time, to get the right shine and promote flavour development.

Storing chocolate properly is essential to keep appearance and taste unaffected. Inappropriate temperature and humidity make it dull and uninviting, or worse they cause cocoa butter to melt, creating a whitish patina. The ideal storage temperature is between 12°C and 18°C with a maximum humidity level of 45% to 50%, which can be easily obtained with VISION blast chillers, storing counters or cabinets.