In Singapore, from April 12 to 15, takes place Food & Hotel Asia's biennial event dedicated to the field of equipment for catering and hospitality. Between the technologically advanced products VISION, the multifunction blast chiller that Coldline presents in booth 1C2-01, stands out. A unique partner for chefs and pastry chefs that can provide the necessary support to improve their work. With VISION you can blast chill, blast freeze, proof, thaw, crystallize the chocolate and store all types of food with total control on the temperature, ventilation and the humidity.

FHA will be a key event for the official presentation of Coldline Living, the domestic division of Coldline dedicated to products for the home kitchen making its debut in the market with LIFE the multifunction blast chiller. The innovative appliance blast chiller  at + 3 ° C, blast freeze at -40 ° C, thaw, store from -40 ° C to + 45 ° C, proof, cools down quickly bottles and prepare chocolate and yogurt! Eight great features that offer endless possibilities to those who care about their well-being and loves to cook at home.

During the rich program of Live demonstrations, The Chef Team shows how to best use these technologies with a unique character.

We wait for you!