Save with A class
The new Master and Smart refrigerators with A class ensure energy savings of up to 80% compared to similar devices in a less virtuous class. Equipped with R290 natural gas, they guarantee excellent performance even in harsh environmental conditions: climate class 5 (40 ° C 40% RH).

Price locked, take advantage of it!
For a limited period the new models are available without additional costs. Take advantage of this exceptional opportunity to offer to your customers storage devices with excellent features with a special price.

Models already available
Chiller and freezer: 350 (A / C), 500 (A / C), 600 (A / C), 700 (A / C) liters
Chiller: 1200 (B), 1400 (B) liters.

CLASS F refrigerator -2°C+8°C
Consumption: 1205 kWh / annum
Energy cost: € 220

CLASS A refrigerator -2°C+8°C Master
Consumption: 335 Kwh / annum
Energy cost: € 60


1KW / h = € 0.18