The Human Value is the theme of the fourteenth edition of Identità Golose which will take place from 3 to 5 March 2018 at the Centro Milano Congressi [Mi.Co.].

A selection of starred chefs will discuss about high cuisine, the most innovative preparation techniques and will focus on human relationships that should be the winning ingredient for any successful business.

Vision the multifunction blast chiller will be among the best equipment available to the chefs, and it will offer its technology in every kitchen and in all the conference rooms.

In the Coldline space [Area Auditorium] visitors will be able to discover VISION and LIFE the best technologies for restaurants and food lovers. Blast chilling, freezing, thawing, prooving, storage and crystallization of chocolate are the main functions that the two machines offer. The controlled, modulated and programmed cold of VISION allows chefs and pastry chefs to organize the work, expand the offer and improve business results.

With LIFE, lovers of cooking and wellness have the opportunity to replicate the techniques of professionals at home and increase the quality of their diet.