How much do you make with a Coldline cabinet?

A restaurant business which produces positive results needs careful management of all expenditure items. A constant refinement that leads to the elimination of unnecessary costs and frees up resources to invest in the development of valuable activities.

Energy cost is one of the main issues the restaurant industry has had to face in the past months and will increasingly be an element to consider. It is an issue not only related to contingent energy costs, but above all to environmental sustainability and the need to reduce the amount of energy used in all our activities.

The kitchen - with its cooking, cooling, preserving and washing technologies - requires a lot of energy with peaks that can exceed the real availability of supply.

An analysis of the equipment in kitchens, laboratories and cooking centres shows that the storage cabinets - refrigerators and freezers - are the only technologies operating 24 hours a day that need a constant supply of energy.

Choosing energy-saving refrigerators and freezers is the most responsible and sustainable choice an entrepreneur can make.

This is why Coldline has developed its entire range of energy-efficient refrigerators and freezers according to four key principles:



Zero environmental impact
We have chosen the natural gas R290, which guarantees higher efficiency than conventional refrigerants and a near-zero environmental impact.



Best climate class
Our storage cabinets are developed to offer maximum efficiency even in climate class 5 (40°C 40% RH), which ensures the best performance even in difficult environmental conditions.



Excellent energy class
The Master, Smart, Wind, Clima and Ice models in climate class A ensure energy savings of up to 80% compared to similar appliances in a less virtuous class.



Performance and reliability
We improve components and technical solutions every day to ensure high reliability over time and offer superior performance.



   With a Coldline refrigerator you save 73% in energy costs

   700 lt -2°+8°C 
   Consumption: 1205 Kwh/annum
   Energy cost: € 217

   Master 700 lt -2°+8°C 
   Consumption: 335 Kwh/annum
   Energy cost: € 60

   1KW/h = € 0,18



Considering that in a kitchen the number of conservatories is high, the economic advantage is multiplied even further.

Is it time to save?

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How much do you make with a Coldline cabinet?

Choose energy-saving refrigerators and freezers, with Coldline you save 73% in energy costs.

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