The connected and efficient kitchen

Ours is a hyper-connected reality: more and more devices are networked, exchanging data with each other and providing us with information that we use on a daily basis. PCs, tablets, smartphones, smart watches, wearable accessories, but also household appliances and large industrial machines. Technologies that have significantly changed the way we do and choose.

The professional kitchen is also involved in this evolution and many manufacturers have created ways of connecting their equipment. Each company has operated with its own products in mind, losing sight of the overall context. This is why catering entrepreneurs and chefs are required to manage many apps, software and web portals to interact with connected products.

For many, the promised benefits have not turned out to be so and, after the initial enthusiasm has passed, they have gone back to the old off-line management.


A pity because we control the heating and start up home appliances from our smartphones, while we live in uncertainty as to whether the croissants are rising properly in the lab.

At TNK we have been working on these issues for years and have specialised in the design and production of the equipment and the software that runs it.

Do you know what was the trigger that set this evolutionary process in motion?

One morning the staff of Merryday - our dark kitchen - discovered that an electrical fault had shut down a freezer and the fresh fish had thawed out and become unusable. A damage of many thousands of euros.

The next day saw the start of the development of Cosmo, the innovative wi-fi technology that allows cooking, blast chilling, preserving and leavening appliances to be connected together and monitored remotely.

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We looked for a solution to prevent future leaks. By solving the problem in Merryday we have developed a wonderful solution for many customers.

The big advantage is being able to control all of the Nice kitchen products from the Cosmo AppVision and Modi blast chillersVision and Levtronic retarder proversColdline storage counters and cabinets and Nevo's Qubi ovens.

The connection modes are configurable according to the layout of the production environment.

Independent Wi-Fi

Each appliance can be connected to the network independently by equipping refrigerators and refrigerated tables with the Cosmo Wi-Fi Box, while products with touch screens are equipped with the Wi-Fi module as standard. Within minutes the entire kitchen is online.

Cosmo Hub

Products with touch screens can play the role of Cosmo Hub by allowing the connection of digitally controlled Coldline tables and cabinets. In this case the Cosmo Kit enables network wiring and subsequent connection.


From the Cosmo App each product can be monitored to be certain of its correct functioning, but there is more. The HACCP reports can also be consulted and downloaded remotely, a fundamental function that enables correct data management even for large kitchens.

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In the last few weeks at Merryday we have been producing a lot of leavened products for Easter, the leavening process is going on 24 hours a day and, thanks to Cosmo, we are sure that each dough is maturing correctly. In the morning we are sure to be able to bake.

And then there is the overnight cooking. Low-temperature cooking that the chefs activate in the Qubi ovens and Vision Nuvō blast chillers at the end of the shift and that continue for many hours when there are no operators in the kitchen to check the progress. Even in this case the chef is at peace because Cosmo is monitoring the kitchen.

In the event of abnormal operation, an alert on the smartphone allows immediate and decisive intervention.

To be in control of the entire refrigeration line, we have created a third connection mode: Cosmo Hub Console.
This is the TNK control panel which, in place of the cell controls, allows the connection of equipment from other manufacturers, e.g. fresh product preservation and storage rooms.

The virtuoso connected kitchen simplifies tasks and work management.

► Discover Cosmo

We have chosen to reward our customers by offering them free software updates with the latest features developed. New programmes, new recipes, technical refinements are periodically installed on each connected device.

At Merryday we could not do without Cosmo, we are sure that many kitchens and workshops could benefit from this technological system the Nice kitchen.

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The connected and efficient kitchen

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