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Cosmo is the innovative wi-fi technology the Nice kitchen that allows you to connect cooking, blast chilling and storage appliances to each other and remotely monitor them. Thanks to Cosmo you can manage the entire kitchen from your smartphone and be sure that all devices are operating correctly.

Discover the Qubi oven and connect your kitchen the Nice kitchen.

Qubi oven

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Discover the app

Your security

Overnight production cycle
Thanks to the safety offered by Cosmo, the production cycle can be extended to the nighttime hours, thus achieving considerable energy savings. Even without the presence of personnel, you can be sure that the programmed cycles will be carried out correctly.

Organise your work 
From the Cosmo App you can programme work programs remotely, the staff will find the sequence of predefined programmes ready to be executed on board the machine.

Cosmo App

24 hours security 
Refrigerators work nonstop, 24 hours a day, and the maintenance of the quality of your food depends on their efficiency. From the Cosmo App you can monitor each appliance to make sure it is working properly, and in the event of faults you are notified so that you can intervene promptly.

HACCP online
The HACCP reports can also be consulted and downloaded remotely, an essential function that enables proper data management even for large kitchens.

Optimal performance

Constantly updated software
Thanks to Cosmo the VISION, MODI and LEVTRONIC software will receive periodic updates as they are released, with the most recently developed features.

Recommended service
Cosmo compares the current performance of a Coldline appliance with the ideal parameters. Should there be any significant differences, it will suggest the necessary maintenance.

3 connection modes

Cosmo Hub

Hub at your fingertips
MODI, LEVTRONIC and VISION touch screen devices connect directly to Cosmo via standard wi-fi module and,
if required, can become a Cosmo Hub, allowing all information from other Coldline equipment in the room to be wired and centralised.

Cosmo Wi-Fi Box

Stand-alone Wi-Fi
You can connect each appliance independently to the network by equipping refrigerators and refrigerated counters with the Cosmo Wi-Fi Box (optional).
In just a few minutes the entire kitchen will be online.

Cosmo Hub Console

Connect the entire cold chain
Cosmo technology is also available for cold rooms.
By installing the Cosmo Hub Console, you can concentrate control and extend safety to the entire cold chain.

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