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VISION: blast chillers,
retarder provers and storage units

Advanced technologies that perform different functions and work uninterruptedly day and night, offering new opportunities to professionals in modern catering businesses.

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Abbattitore di temperatura multifunzione Vision Coldline

VISION blast chillers 
freedom from -40° to +85°C
with steam

The VISION blast chiller replaces several devices by integrating multiple functions in a small space: blast chilling, blast freezing, thawing, proving, chocolate, desiccation, holding, Yoghurt, Pasteurisation, slow steam cooking, sanitisation with 100°C steam.

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VISION retarder prover
cabinets and counters

Check every parameter that determines the quality
of proving: time, temperature, ventilation and humidity
to obtain extraordinary yeasts regardless of the season
and weather conditions.
Cabinets, Roll-In and retarder prover counters are available with temperature range -30°+40°C and -6°+40°C.

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Fermalievitazione e Lievitatori Vision Coldline
Conservatori frigoriferi freezer Vision Coldline

VISION storage
cabinets and counters

VISION storage cabinets and counters allow you to create ideal storage conditions for all food types through the regulation of humidity, temperature and ventilation.
Cabinets, Roll-In and storage counters are available with temperature range -30°+15°C and -5°+15°C.

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VISION Industry,
for those who work
and think big

VISION amplifies its advantages with its Industry
range of blast chillers. 
3 models - U, F, NUVŌ - with different functions, versions from 1 to 6 trolleys with power dimensioned to meet the real needs of collective catering and small industry.

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Abbattitori a carrello multifunzione Vision Industry Coldline

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