“Cold” culture

Thanks to the constant confrontation with Chefs and Master Pastry Chefs, we produce refrigerators, refrigerated counters, retarder provers and multi-function blast chillers ideal for every catering company.

Cosmo your kitchen
is connected and online

Cosmo is the innovative Wi-Fi technology that allows you to connect all the Coldline appliances in the kitchen.
In every moment and in every place you will have the security that everything works as you wish.


fulfills your
every desire

VISION multifunction technology is evolving,
offering new opportunities for professionals
in modern catering businesses.


Refrigerated counters:
a unique design
with multiple solutions

Create your personalized table by choosing
from the countless solutions offered.
You will be able to organize your kitchen
and your pastry shop satisfying every need
for convenience and practicality.


Master, Smart, Clima,
Wind and Ice cabinets.
Open the doors to freshness

Energy saving, natural gas R290, high refrigeration efficiency, climate class 5 are the characteristics shared by Coldline refrigerators and freezers.


Levtronic Cabinets, Counters, Roll-In 
three-dimensional proving

The new generation of Levtronic counters, cabinets and Roll-In models create a
microclimate ideal for maturing any dough.


Pizza counters,
robust and designed to
make your work more

Create your work space where you can keep dough and ingredients to make perfectly leavened, fragrant and tasty pizzas.


Vision Industry
the other dimension of cold

The innovative Vision multifunction technology and excellent performance make the Industry range of blast chillers the best solution for collective catering.


LIFE domestic blast chillers

The LIFE multi-function blast chiller transfers the experience and professional technology to your home, offering endless possibilities to those who love to cook at home and care about their well-being.
You select healthy, natural, seasonal ingredients, we keep them perfect for you.

Discover LIFE
Abbattitore domestico LIFE Coldline
Christmas Holidays

Coldline will be closed for Christmas shutdown from the 23rd of December 2019 to January 3, 2020.

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