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Blast chillers

Abbattitori Coldline

The 4th generation of blast chillers

Powerful, reliable, environmentally friendly: the 3 features of the new Vision and Modi blast chillers with R290 natural gas.

Abbattitore di temperatura multifunzione Vision Coldline

VISION blast chillers
from -40° to +85°C
with steam

The VISION blast chiller replaces several devices by integrating multiple functions in a small space: blast chilling, freezing, thawing, proving, chocolate, desiccation, holding, yoghurt, pasteurization, slow steam cooking, sanitization with 100°C steam.


the multifunctional
blast chiller

The days of blast chillers being limited to chilling food are over. The modern catering company requires a greater range of tools. So we developed the MODI.

Abbattitore di temperatura multifunzione Modi Coldline
Abbattitore di temperatura multifunzione Vision Industry Coldline

VISION Industry,
for those who work
and think big

VISION amplifies its advantages with its Industry range of blast chillers.
3 models - U, F, NUVŌ - with different functions, versions from 1 to 6 trolleys with power dimensioned to meet the real needs of collective catering and small industry.


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