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Display case for ingredients

Vetrine porta ingredienti Coldline

Display case for ingredients:
practical, hygienic and safe

Ingredients are always fresh and perfectly preserved for pizza sauce, for preparing lunches, sandwiches and salads, for a rational organised and safe work area.

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Everything that you need The Pizza display cases meets all your needs and allows you to organise your workspace efficiently. Available in 7 lengths, 2 depths, with or without tempered glass, they are the ideal solution to store your carefully selected ingredients, from +2°C to +10°C.

Stainless steel lid During periods of inactivity, the stainless steel lid allows you to protect the ingredients while maintaining the correct storage temperature. Each food can remain in the bowl inside the display cabinet ready for the next work shift.

Internal or remote engine, on the right or left side The technical compartment is insulated to ensure maximum soundproofing. You can choose whether to place it on the right or on the left. For maximum comfort, there is available a version with a remote refrigeration unit with the same dimensions as the display case.

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