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Vision Storage Units


VISION storage cabinets and counters

VISION storage cabinets and counters allow you to create ideal storage conditions for all food types according to season, load and production requirements. Regulation of humidity, temperature and ventilation means chocolate, baking bases, ice cream, meat, fish and fresh pasta all keep their original characteristics.

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Vision cabinets:
much more than
just a storage unit

Storage Creates the ideal storage conditions to preserve
foods with specific characteristics and needs.
By changing the ventilation intensity, refrigeration can be semi-static or ventilated. Temperature range -30°+15°C and -5°+15°C.
Thawing Bring previously frozen foods back to the desired
temperature. Variable-phase temperature management helps avoid bacterial build-up and ensures food safety.

Other functions
to make the difference

Chocolate crystallisation Creates the ideal micro-climate to preserve pralines, chocolates, chocolate bars and multi-layered chocolates. The reduced percentage of humidity and the uniform temperature help lower crystallisation times and prevents the efflorescence of cocoa butter, keeping the chocolate shiny and crispy.

Ice cream Keeps ice cream in tubs or carapine, semifreddi, ice cream biscuits, cakes and cold pastry products at low temperatures.



Choose the right temperature to store your preparations


Set the humidity percentage 90% - 40%(Temperature >4°C)


Set the ideal ventilation intensity between 50% and 100%

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