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Levtronic retarder prover

Fermalievitazione armadi e tavoli Levtronic Coldline

LEVTRONIC retarder provers,
cabinets and counters:
three-dimensional proving

The new generation of LEVTRONIC counters, cabinets and Roll-In models create a microclimate ideal for maturing any dough, regardless of the weather conditions. You can customise a program based on the type of yeast and flour, and water characteristics to achieve extraordinary results every time. Are available a lot of models with a temperature range of -20°+40°C and -6°+40°C.

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Functions for proving

Retarder proving It allows you to program the proving at the desired time by setting 5 work phases: stopping, holding, reactivating, proving and storage.

Manual proving It is possible to activate a direct proving program. Levtronic preserves the dough in optimal condition at the end of the program until baking.

Continuous cycle Use the manual function to set the time, temperature, humidity and ventilation levels. Levtronic proves the dough using a continuous cycle without stopping.

Storage Food is stored at the desired temperature between -6°C and +10°C or -20°C and +10°C.

Create your
customised programs

Create new programs
With LEVTRONIC you have a list of system
programs available. The settings can be easily
consulted in the current cycle, and modified by
saving a new program in the personal menu.

Personal layout
You can change the position of the
recipe keys by creating your own layout.

Instant modification
With a simple touch, you can check and change
the settings of the current program.

Retarder prover:
A 5 stage for working without stress



Temperature of the mix
after the formation
of glutinous properties.



The mixture is subjected
to rapid cooling.
The fermentation activity
of the yeasts is inhibited.


The temperature is
kept below 3°C.
Yeast cells remain
inactive until recovery.



The temperature
gradually increases.
The fermentation
activity of the yeasts
is slowly regenerated.



The temperature and
humidity increase up to
the set value.
The fermentation of the
dough is complete.



The proven dough is
held at controlled
temperatures and
humidity levels until




Choose the temperature for the maturation of the dough


Decide on the ideal percentage of moisture, between 45% and 95%


Decide on the optimal level of ventilation intensity, from 25% to 100%


Decide the duration
of the proving phase

Cosmo constantly
monitors the
proving process

Cosmo is an innovative wi-fi technology that allows you to monitor all the operating parameters of your LEVTRONIC appliance from your smartphone. Wherever you are, you always in control. Cosmo detects any anomalies caused by power cuts or other factors and immediately sends a notification to your smartphone.

You can be confident that everything will be operating correctly, and in the morning the brioches and croissants will be perfectly proved and ready to cook.

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LEVTRONIC cabinets

Elegant and refined design
The elegant glass touch display, installed so it is set flush to the panel, with rounded external corners and the high quality finishing give the LEVTRONIC cabinet a solid and refined appearance.
Controlled air flow
The differentiated and channelled air flow guarantees maximum temperature homogeneity on all the shelves, without directly altering the product, keeping it hydrated and its quality intact, without superficial cracks.

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Speed and practicality
In a well-organized workshop, the efficient movement of the trays is  of great importance. With LEVTRONIC Roll-In work is rational and efficient. The stainless steel trolley (optional) streamlines the preparation phase
and movements are pratical and fast.

EN60x40 or EN60x80
The J10 model, with a depth of 815 mm, takes up the smallest floor space in the category, ensuring a well-organised workshop, even when space is limited. The J12 version has generous dimensions with a depth of 1015 mm for use with standard EN60x40 or compact EN60x80 trolleys.

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LEVTRONIC counters

Spacious and practical To ensure you have the perfectly integrated layout in your workshop, models with mobile body heights of 660, 710 and 760 mm are available.
The technical compartment positioned on the right is an integral part of the counter and with a thick, high performance insulation for maximum soundproofing. The internal volume guarantees the highest storage capacity:
7 trays EN60x40 for each compartment.

Controlled air flow The conveyed and differentiated air flow guarantees maximum temperature homogeneity to all the shelves in each compartment. The dough is gently enveloped, keeping it hydrated and without cracks.

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Levtronic cabinets, the range

Levtronic counters, the range

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