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Retarder provers

Fermalievitazione multifunzione Vision

VISION retarder prover,
cabinets and counters

Reliability, precision and robustness are
the main characteristics that distinguish
the new generation of VISION retarder
prover units. There are 4 cabinet sizes
available: 30, 60, 80 EN60x40 trays and
Roll-In for trolleys. Two counter versions:
2 or 3 doors, temperature range -30°+40°C
and -6°+40°C.


Levtronic retarder prover,
cabinets and counters

The new generation of Levtronic counters,
cabinets and Roll-In models create a
microclimate ideal for maturing any dough,
regardless of the weather conditions.
You can customise a program based on
the type of yeast and flour, and water
characteristics to achieve extraordinary
results every time.

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