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Storage cabinets

Armadio frigorifero professionale multifunzione Vision Coldline

VISION multifunction
storage cabinets

VISION storage cabinets and counters
allow you to create ideal storage conditions
for all food types according to season,
load and production requirements.

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Master cabinets,
open the doors to freshness

Models are available with capacities ranging
from 350 litres to 1400 litres, with half doors,
glass doors, reversible doors, and separate
compartments for the conservation of fish and
different compartments with 2 or 3 temperatures. 
The ideal solution for every kitchen.

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Armadio frigorifero professionale Master Coldline
Armadio frigorifero professionale Smart Coldline

Smart cabinets,
robust for everyday use

The insulation thickness of 75 mm
contributes to its positioning in the best
energy class. The handle il designed
for greater comfort and to ensure a safe
and ergonomic grip.

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XL cabinets, 10% extra space
for your food

The 700 Master and Smart XL cabinets offer 10% more storage space than classic models of the same size. A very useful and  exible solution for storing ingredients and semi-finished products with high quality standards.

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Armadio frigorifero per pasticceria Wind Coldline

Clima refrigerated cabinets,
freshness and hydration

Clima refrigerated cabinets are the ideal technology for storing products that suffer from rapid dehydration such as fresh pasta, creams, fruit and finished products with a high water content. Capacity: 25 or 50 EN60x40 trays. Range -2°+10°C.

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Wind refrigerated cabinets, intense and delicate cold

All food, semi-finished or finished, finds its
ideal conservation environment in the Wind
range of cabinets. Indirect ventilated
refrigeration guarantees the maintenance
of the quality of your products over a longer
time period. There are three ranges available,
-5° to +10°C, -10° to -22°C, -10° to -30°C,
capacity: 25 or 50 trays EN60x40.

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Armadio frigorifero Clima per pasticceria

Ice cabinet, intense cold with
low consumption

The quality of your ice cream is determined by the careful choice of high quality ingredients. It is a product that deserves to be stored in a high quality system, in order to keep its creaminess and flavour intact. Ice cabinets have been specifically designed to accomplish this task.

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