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Refrigerated Pizza counters

Tavoli frigoriferi Pizza Coldline

Pizza counter are robust and designed
to make your work more pleasurable

Pizza refrigerated counters offer endless solutions to meet the needs of every pizzeria. Choose between models with a refrigerated display case or not  and customize it with protective glasses or not. Ingredients and dough will be preserved to maintain the original freshness.

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Doors and drawers
The Pizza counters have a depth of 80 cm, a capacity of
7 EN60x40 containers per compartment and operate at temperatures from -2°C to +8°C. Each compartment can be configured with stainless steel doors, refrigerated or neutral drawers.

A granite worktop
You can rely on a large, strong and thick granite worktop. The splashbacks on three sides allow you to place the refrigerated display case with toppings above the worktop, clearing the space below.

Reinforced base
The technical compartment, insulated for maximum soundproofing, is an integral part of the appliance. The weight of the refrigeration system is supported by a solid and resistant base.

Pizza counters,
multiple solutions

Body height 710 - 760 mm 
Technical compartment right or left, plug-In, remote
Top without top, granite worktop
Internal structure hygiene H3
Electric socket
Refrigerated drawers 1/2 - 1/3 - 2/3
Neutral drawers 2- 4 -7
Removable frame for pizza EN60x40 containers
Modular base feet, wheels or plinth
Opening left or right
Display case with glassi, without glass, stainless steel lid
Display case depth 322 mm GN1/4, 380 mm GN1/3

Class A savings

All Pizza counters are equipped with R290 natural gas, which guarantees superior efficiency compared to traditional refrigerant gases.

The class A models ensure energy savings of up to 80% compared to similar devices in lower classes, which gives you an immediate economic advantage and reduces the impact on the environment.

Cosmo, your security

Cosmo is an innovative Wi-Fi technology that allows you to connect all your Coldline kitchen appliances to a Cosmo Hub (MODI, VISION, THAW.PRO, LEVTRONIC, QUBI), and monitor them from your smartphone.

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Coldline FSS, a technology
which provides an economic
and fast service

The enormous energy invested into research and development by Coldline puts it at the forefront of its sector in terms of technology and innovation.

Each counter marked with the symbol FSS (Fast Service System) and is equipped with a refrigeration system independent of its body, a feature which ensures huge advantages in terms of flexibility and service.
All components are easily accessible for simple and timely intervention.

A constant and uniform level of “cold”

The Pizza counters maintain a perfectly uniform temperature throughout
the compartment, even when the draws are fully loaded.
Each HUB cooling system is optimized to increase the shelf life of food by up to 25%.

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