VISION blast chillers
technological excellence

Thanks to the continuous dialogue with top Chefs and Pastry Chefs, Coldline has developed the VISION F and VISION NUVŌ™ blast chillers which offers every professional the most suitable appliance for their business.

Vision F range Vision NUVŌ range

Cooking & Cooling

NUVŌ™ is the revolutionary patented technology that allows food to be cooked at low temperatures with the use of steam, and which also combines the blast chilling and freezing cycles.
When using NUVŌ™, food is completely enveloped by hot steam. The micro particles of water ensure excellent heat transmission which results in homogeneous and delicate cooking.
With NUVŌ™, the entire Cook & Chill process takes place without the need to move trays or trolleys, or the need for manual intervention. Once cooking is complete, chilling, freezing and conserving at the desired temperature can be programmed.

at your fingertips

Customised recipe book
You have customisable programs for each food type.

Personal layout
You can change the position of the recipe keys and create your own layout.

Chained programs
Hot and cold functions can be performed in automatic sequence.

Manual cycle
Work at the temperature you want by selecting optimal ventilation intensity and humidity percentage.

Scheduled notifications
An alarm warns you when the set time or temperature has elapsed.

Display lock
You can lock the display to prevent tampering by unauthorised personnel.



Select the perfect temperature to work and store your preparations


Set the humidifier between 45% and 95% to define the humidity percentage


Set the ideal ventilation intensity between 25% and 100%


Work with core probe programs or leave it to Devote™

VISION blast chillers functions. Freedom to work from -40° to +85°C with steam.

an hub in the Cosmo

Cosmo is the innovative Wi-Fi technology that allows you to connect all the Coldline
appliances in the kitchen to VISION and monitor them from your smartphone.

Discover Cosmo

Blast chill and freeze
without a probe:
Devote™ takes care of it

Devote™ - Dynamic Evolution Temperature - is the innovative system developed by Coldline which is able to autonomously recognise the weight, size and initial temperature of the food.
Devote™ automatically modulates temperature and ventilation on blast chilling and blast freezing cycles in the shortest time possible without using a core probe.
Limiting the use of the core probe allows you to speed up the chill blasting and freezing processes, thus avoiding bacterial contamination between different foods.

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