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Thawing cabinet

Thaw safely with Thaw.Pro

Thaw.Pro is the new thawing cabinet from Coldline that effectively and safely brings large quantities of food back to cooking temperature.

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Fast and safe thawing

Thaw.Pro is an indispensable ally in cooking centres, canteens, centralised kitchens and large pastry laboratories, contexts in which it is necessary to quickly and safely thaw ready meals, semi-finished products or previously frozen ingredients, avoiding bacterial proliferation and preserving freshness, texture and flavour.

Specific, repeatable thawing programmes

Thaw.Pro has specific thawing programmes for the main foods processed within food processing centres.

Each programme has different temperature and ventilation set points that vary several times within the same thawing cycle. The duration of a defrost cycle changes automatically according to the amount of product inserted.

Each cycle can be customised, saved and repeated every day, which ensures excellent results and high quality standards.

Find out which foods you can thaw

First thaw, then storage

The 3-step thawing brings ingredients back to the right storage temperature ready for express cooking during service. You can defrost products in different quantities and the duration of the programme varies according to the actual load, saving twice as much time and money.



Choose the ideal temperature for thawing or storing food


From 50% to 100% you set the optimum ventilation intensity


Decide the duration of the thawing phases

Ozone sanitisation

Thaw.Pro is easy to clean because each component is removable and sized for dishwasher safe washing. The double tray positioned at the base of the chamber allows the collection and convenient elimination of liquids released by the thawed product.

The sanitisation of the chamber and the components inside it is ensured by the ozone cycle which, in just a few minutes, eliminates the bacteria present.


Safety and control
Thaw.Pro connects to Cosmo and remotely you can be sure that the scheduled tasks are carried out correctly. Any anomaly is promptly reported with a notification on the smartphone.

Haccp on line
Cosmo helps you keep your HACCP register up-to-date. Through the app you can download and archive daily reports or retrieve those of previous days. Every cycle performed is also saved on the machine and can be downloaded or consulted on the display.

3 sections diffuser

The air diffuser on the back is made of 3 sections that can be easily disassembled and washed in the dishwasher.

Fluid collection trays

2 trays at the base of the chamber allow the collection and disposal of liquids, facilitating cleaning.

Quick release slides

The grid support rails, made with a quick-release system, can be easily removed and repositioned.

10 stainless steel grids

Thaw.Pro is equipped with 10 robust AISI 410 stainless steel grids.

The range

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