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VISION amplifies its advantages with its Industry range of blast chillers.
3 models - U, F, NUVŌ - with different functions, versions from 1 to 6 trolleys with power dimensioned to meet the real needs of collective catering and small industry.

Discover the range

U  |  F  |  NUVŌ
3 models to meet
every need

U  |  -40°C +10°C   blast chilling, blast freezing, manual cycle.
F  |  -40°C +65°C blast chilling, blast freezing, manual cycle, thawing, proving and retarder prover, holding, steam sanitisation.
NUVŌ  |  -40°C +85°C  blast chilling, blast freezing, manual cycle, thawing, proving and retarder prover, holding, pasteurisation, low temperature steam cooking, steam sanitisation.

Cooking & Cooling

NUVŌ™ is the revolutionary patented technology that allows food to be cooked at low temperatures with the use of steam, and which also combines the blast chilling and freezing cycles.

With NUVŌ™, the entire Cook & Chill process takes place without the need to move trays or trolleys, or the need for manual intervention.

When using NUVŌ™, food is completely enveloped by hot steam. The micro particles of water ensure excellent heat transmission which results in homogeneous and delicate cooking.

VISION Industry Functions

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