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the multifunctional blast chiller

The days of blast chillers being limited to chilling food are over. The modern catering company requires a greater range of tools. So we developed the MODI.

A single device which allow you to carry out numerous functions, and which operates 24 hours a day, not only saving you space, but also money; it is no longer necessary to purchase additional appliances that you do not need.

Modi Up range Modi Active range

Powerful, reliable and eco-friendly

These are the main features of the new Modi blast chillers. A new evolutionary step that further raises the standards for one of the fundamental products in kitchens and pastry laboratories.
R290 gas, natural and ecological power
Modi's wide range of blast chillers is equipped with R290 natural gas, a solution that cancels out environmental impact and enables energy-efficient cooking.


New low-noise refrigeration systems ensure greater acoustic comfort


The 10 and 14 trays models with single-phase power supply simplify installation operations


Pressure transducers allow you to check the quantity of refrigerant gas directly from the touch screen

Hot or cold?
Think: MODI

MODI dynamically manages the intensity of the cold and
the heat by constantly modulating temperature, ventilation
and the cycle time. A technology that preserves the
characteristics of foodstuffs, and extends their shelf life.
Protected by robust tempered glass, the MODI touch screen 4.3” makes it simple to use. With one touch you can access available programs, or create one of your own in the personal menu.

Control is
in your hands

Customised recipe book
You have the possibility to customise programs
for each type of food.

Personal layout
You can change the position of the recipe keys
by creating your own layout.

Manual cycle
You can work at the temperature you prefer,
by choosing the optimum ventilation intensity.



Select the perfect temperature to make and store your preparations


Set the ideal ventilation intensity between 25% and 100%


Select the duration of the programs or use the core probe

MODI blast chiller functions

a Cosmo hub

Cosmo is the innovative wi-fi technology that allows you to connect all Coldline appliances in your kitchen to your MODI blast chiller and monitor them from your smartphone. Wherever you are, control is always in your hands.

Discover cosmo

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