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Roll-In &

Roll-In & Pass-Through cabinets.
Cold in motion

Safe refrigeration is combined with the practicality
of the stainless steel trolley so that trays and
serving dishes can be easily transported: a single
front in the Roll-In model; push trolley through the
Pass-Through model. Normal or glass doors to house 1 or 2 trolleys, containing GN2/1 shelves or trays.

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VISION Industry,
for those who work
and think big

VISION amplifies its advantages with its Industry range of blast chillers. 3 models - U, F, NUVŌ - with different functions, versions from 1 to 6 trolleys with power dimensioned to meet the real needs of collective catering and small industry.

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storage units

VISION storage cabinets and counters allow you to create ideal storage conditions for all food types according to season, load and production requirements. Regulation of humidity, temperature and ventilation means chocolate, baking bases, ice cream, meat, fish and fresh pasta all keep their original characteristics. There are 4 cabinet sizes available:

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Fermalievita roll-in VISION

retarder provers

Reliability, precision and robustness are the main characteristics that distinguish the new generation of VISION retarder prover units.
You can adjust any parameter that determines the quality of proving: time, temperature, ventilation and humidity. You can also customize the available programs.

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