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Clima storage cabinets

Clima refrigerators for pastry,
to preserve the hydration

Clima refrigerated cabinets are the ideal technology for storing products that suffer from rapid dehydration such as fresh pasta, creams, fruit and finished products with a high water content. Capacity: 25 or 50 EN60x40 trays. Range -2° +10°C.

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Static cold
The large evaporator ensures static, semi-static, or non-aggressive refrigeration.
You can adjust the fan speed to determine the most appropriate airflow based on the characteristics of the product, and determine the ideal temperature and humidity conditions.

Elegant and refined design
The elegant design with rounded external corners, an easy-to-use control panel with a flush-to-panel keypad and high quality finish gives the Clima cabinet a solid and refined look.

Customise the colour
You can personalise your refrigeration cabinet by choosing the colour that best suits your workplace.

Classy cold

Clima refrigerators are equipped with R290 natural gas, which guarantees superior efficiency compared to traditional refrigerant gases. The result has an immediate economic advantage, and its impact on the environment is extremely low.

Coldline FSS, a technology
which provides an economic
and fast service

The enormous energy invested into research and development by Coldline puts it at the forefront of its sector in terms of technology and innovation.

Each cabinet is marked with the symbol FSS (Fast Service System) and is equipped with a refrigeration system independent of its body, a feature which ensures huge advantages in terms of flexibility and service.
All components are easily accessible for simple and timely intervention.

Cosmo, your security

Cosmo is an innovative Wi-Fi technology that allows you to connect all your Coldline kitchen appliances to a Cosmo Hub (MODI, VISION, THAW.PRO, LEVTRONIC, QUBI), and monitor them from your smartphone.

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The Clima range

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