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Ice freezer cabinets

Ice freezer cabinets,
the ideal cold for artisan ice cream

The Ice cabinet developed from a need to preserve ice cream, semifreddi, mousses and single portions. Ice technology works with you, to keep the quality of your ice cream products in perfect condition.

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Ice congelatore gelateria Coldline

A model to meet every need
Versions of 650, 700 and 900 litres with temperatures ranges of -10°C to -22°C and -10°C to -30°C are available. Automatic hot gas defrosting minimizes temperature fluctuations and reduces energy consumption.
A fresh and silent workshop
For every model, there is a version prepared for connection to a remote unit. With its external engine you will benefit from a quieter and more comfortable working environment.

All the space you need
for storing your ice cream

ICE 650 l - D 715 mm - Shelf 60x40 cm
Basins 18 7,1 l - 27 5 l - 22 5,4 l 
Ice cream containers 24 7,3 l - 48 3,9 l.

ICE 700 l - D 815 mm - Shelf 53x53 cm
Basins 24 7,1 l - 36 5 l - 22 5,4 l
Ice cream containers 24 7,3 l - 48 3,9 l.

ICE 900 l - D 1015 mm - Shelf 60x80 cm
Basins 36 7,1 l - 54 5 l - 44 5,4 l
Ice cream containers 48 7,3 l - 96 3,9 l.

a valuable partnership

Optimal organisation of space
The height of the shelves can be adjusted to a wide range of positions, and the arrangement of ice cream containers, basins and any other ingredient can be organised to keep everything tidy and within reach.

Higher quality with a blast chiller
By using both the ICE cabinet with the MODI blast chiller, you will obtain the best preservation results. Ice cream, semifreddi and desserts will keep their consistency, softness and creaminess for a longer time. After only a few minutes thawing, they will be ready for displaying and selling.

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Classy cold

Ice refrigerators are equipped with R290 natural gas, which guarantees superior efficiency compared to traditional refrigerant gases. The result has an immediate economic advantage, and its impact on the environment is extremely low.

Coldline FSS, a technology
which provides an economic
and fast service

The enormous energy invested into research and development by Coldline puts it at the forefront of its sector in terms of technology and innovation.

Each cabinet is marked with the symbol FSS (Fast Service System) and is equipped with a refrigeration system independent of its body, a feature which ensures huge advantages in terms of flexibility and service.
All components are easily accessible for simple and timely intervention.

Cosmo, your security

Cosmo is an innovative Wi-Fi technology that allows you to connect all your Coldline kitchen appliances to a Cosmo Hub (MODI, VISION, THAW.PRO, LEVTRONIC, QUBI), and monitor them from your smartphone.

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The Ice range

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