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Vision retarder prover

VISION retarder provers, cabinets and counters

With cabinets, roll-in and VISION retarder prover counters, you can manage any parameter that determines the quality of proving: time, temperature, ventilation and humidity.
A lot of models are available with a temperature range of -30°+40°C and -6°+40°C.

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Functions to prove dough

Retarder prover Allows you to program the dough proving at a given time. Ventilation intensity, humidity percentage, temperature and duration can be set for 5 working phases: stopping, holding, reactivation, proving, storage.

Manual proving The dough rises for the time defined by the user at the desired temperature, humidity and ventilation. At the end of the program, VISION retards the development of the yeasts, keeping the dough ready for baking or blast freezing.  

Continuous cycle VISION proves the dough uninterrupted at a controlled temperature, humidity and ventilation intensity.

Additional functions

Storage Creates the ideal storage conditions to preserve foods with specific characteristics and needs. By changing the ventilation intensity, refrigeration can be semi-static or
ventilated. Temperature range -30°+15°C and -5°+15°C.

Thawing Bring previously frozen foods back to the desired temperature. 

Chocolate Creates the ideal micro-climate to preserve pralines, chocolates, chocolate bars. The reduced percentage of humidity and the uniform temperature help lower crystallisation times and prevents the efflorescence of cocoa butter, keeping the chocolate shiny and crispy.

Ice cream Keeps ice cream in tubs or carapine, semifreddi, ice cream biscuits, cakes and cold pastry products at low temperatures.

Retarder prover:
A 5 stage for working without stress



Temperature of the mix
after the formation
of glutinous properties.



The mixture is subjected
to rapid cooling.
The fermentation activity
of the yeasts is inhibited.



The temperature is
kept below 3°C.
Yeast cells remain
inactive until recovery.



The temperature
gradually increases.
The fermentation
activity of the yeasts
is slowly regenerated.



The temperature and
humidity increase up to
the set value.
The fermentation of the
dough is complete.


The proven dough is
held at controlled
temperatures and
humidity levels until




Choose the right temperature for the maturation of the dough


Set the humidifier between 45% and 95% to determine the humidity percentage


Set the optimum ventilation intensity between 25% and 100%


Select the duration
of the proving phase

Vision retarder prover counters, the range

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