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Levtronic and VISION retarder prover,
the secret behind your proved products

The new generation of VISION and Levtronic counters, cabinets and Roll-In models create a microclimate ideal for maturing any dough, regardless of the weather conditions. You can customise a program based on the type of yeast and flour, and water characteristics to achieve extraordinary results every time.

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Armadio fermalievitazione Levtronic Coldline

Levtronic cabinets,
provers tireless

Levtronic retarder prover cabinets adapt perfectly to every workspace, and offer high quality standards. Four models with different widths and depths, capacity ranges from 25 to 50 EN60x40 trays.

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Levtronic Roll-In,
proving in motion

In a well-organized workshop, the efficient movement of the trays is of great importance. With Levtronic retarder prover Roll-In work is rational and efficient. Choose between the J10 model with the smallest footprint of the category or J12 for working with EN60x80 compact trolleys.

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Fermalievitazione Roll-In Levtronic Coldline

Levtronic counters:
work on top, prove below

Work the bread, brioches and croissants on the sturdy worktop, insert the product into the fridge
to stop the proving process, and set the program for when it you want it ready for cooking.
 The internal volume guarantees the highest storage capacity: 7 trays EN60x40
for each compartment. 3 heights available for working in comfort.

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Tavolo fermalievitazione Levtronic Coldline

VISION retarder prover,
cabinets and counters

Reliability, precision and robustness are the main
characteristics that distinguish the new generation of
VISION retarder prover units. 
There are 4 cabinet sizes available: 30, 60, 80 EN60x40
trays and Roll-In for trolleys. Two counter versions: 2 or 
3 doors, temperature range -30°+40°C and -6°+40°C.

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