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The right level of cold
for every cook

Refrigerators, freezers, refrigerated counters and blast chillers are the heart of the modern kitchen. Proper low-temperature management is the most important ally of chefs in every restaurant of the world. Perfectly preserving tastes, flavors and textures of ingredients and semi-finished products is a fundamental aspect to prepare excellent dishes.

Discover the range

the multifunctional
blast chiller

The days of blast chillers being limited to chilling food are over. The modern catering company requires a greater range of tools. So we developed the MODI. A single device which allow you to carry out numerous functions, and which operates 24 hours a day, not only saving you space, but also money; it is no longer necessary to purchase additional appliances that you do not need.


Refrigerated counters,
A class in your kitchen

Coldline counters offer an infinite array of solutions to meet your every need.
Reduced consumption and high quality storage make them ideal for any work environment.



Master & Smart
cabinets in A class

Models are produced in 2 depths, 5 widths, 5 temperature ranges, either as Plug-In or Remote. Many versions are available so that you can make the most of the space, and keep food for longer. Choose the cabinet that best suits your needs, the common denominators are the same: quality, reliability and high performance and savings.

Discover Master Cabinets Discover Smart Cabinets

Roll-In &
Cold in motion

Safe refrigeration is combined with the practicality of the stainless steel trolley so that trays and serving dishes can be easily transported: a single front in the Roll-In model; push trolley through the Pass-Through model.
Normal or glass doors to house 1 or 2 trolleys, containing grids or GN2/1 trays.

Abbattitori di temperatura multifunzione Vision Coldline

VISION: multifunctions blast chillers,
retarder prover and storage units

VISION multifunction technology is evolving, offering new opportunities
for professionals in modern catering businesses.
Blast chillers, retarder provers and storage units that perform
many functions and work continuously day and night.


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