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Ice Cream

The natural habitat of ice cream
is created with blast chillers and refrigerators

Savoring ice cream is a magical moment that has always fascinated and brought happiness. The flavors and creaminess of a handmade and well-made product are maintained if the ice cream is kept in its natural habitat: the cold. Coldline produce blast chillers and refrigerated cabinets to ensure all the attention that the ice cream deserves, from freezing to storage.

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Modi Up or 
Modi Active blast chiller?

Modi technology for ice cream artisans; it provides multiple advantages of a qualitative, organisational and economic nature. Increase the business production of ice cream, as well as making ice lollies, ice cream sticks, pastry mignon and homemade chocolate.

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Abbattitore di temperatura multifunzione per gelateria modi coldline
Frigorifero freezer per gelateria Ice Coldline

Ice refrigerators,
all the space you need
to store your ice cream

The Ice cabinet developed from a need to preserve ice cream, semifreddi,
mousses and single portions. Versions of 650, 700 and 900 litres with
temperatures ranges of -10°C to -22°C and -10°C to -30°C are available. 

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