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Blast chilled, maintain and proving:
solutions for great pastry chef

Refrigerators, freezers, refrigerated counters, retarder prover and blast chillers: we develop specific solutions for small and large artisan pastry workshops. Each pastry chef, supported by Coldline technologies, can raise their own production standards to realize the delicacies that accompany people in the sweetest moments.

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abbattitore di temperatura per pasticceria modi coldline

the multifunctional
blast chiller

The days of blast chillers being limited to chilling food
are over. The modern pastry requires a greater range
of tools. So we developed the MODI.
A single device which allow you to carry out numerous
functions, and which operates 24 hours a day, not only
saves you space, but also money. It is no longer
necessary to purchase additional appliances that you
do not need.

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Wind refrigerated cabinets,
intense and delicate cold

In Wind refrigerators, each food finds its ideal storage environment thanks to indirect ventilated refrigeration. There are three ranges available, -5° to +10° C, -10° to -22°C, -10° to -30°C, capacity: 25 or 50 trays EN60x40.

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Frigorifero congelatore per pasticceria Clima e Wind
frigorifero per pasticceria clima coldline

Refrigerated Clima cabinets, freshness and hydration

CLIMA refrigerated cabinets are the ideal technology for storing products that suffer from rapid dehydration. Thanks to the ventilation intensity control, you get static, semi-static or non-aggressive ventilated refrigeration. Capacity: 25 or 50 EN60x40 trays. Range -2° +10°C.

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Refrigerated Pastry counters

Perfect preservation and an optimal level of humidity. Thanks to its powerful refrigeration system, the Pastry counter always keeps your ingredients, semi-finished and finished products at the right temperature. Range -2°+8°C and -15°-22°C. 

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Abbattitori di temperatura multifunzione Vision Coldline

VISION: multifunctions blast chillers,
retarder prover and storage units

VISION multifunction technology is evolving, offering new opportunities
for professionals in modern catering businesses.
Blast chillers, retarder provers and storage units that perform
many functions and work continuously day and night.

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