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Pizza counters and
display case for ingredients
to work in comfort

Coldline supports and improves the work of pizza masters with retarder prover for technology, refrigerated counters and display cases for preserving ingredients. Solutions offered to raise quality standards and enhance the queen of Italian cuisine: pizza.

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Tavolo refrigerato pizzeria con vetrina Coldline

Pizza counters,
a unique character,
with multiple solutions

Create the Pizza counters that best fits your work style. Configure each compartment to preserve dough and raw materials, choose the layout of the pan holder and create fragrant, scented and tasty pizza enhanced by your experience.

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Display case for ingredients:
practical, hygienic and safe

Ingredients are always fresh and perfectly preserved for pizza sauce, for preparing lunches, sandwiches and salads, Choose your display case for ingredients from the 14 available models.

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Armadio fermalievitazione Levtronic Coldline

Levtronic cabinets,
provers tireless

Levtronic retarder prover cabinets adapt perfectly to every workspace, and offer high quality standards. Four models with different widths and depths, capacity ranges from 25 to 50 EN60x40 trays.

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