Defrost safely with Thaw.Pro

Thaw.Pro is the new Coldline defrost cabinet that efficiently and safely brings large quantities of food back to cooking temperature.

Thaw.Pro is indispensable in cooking centres and large pastry laboratories, where ready meals, semi-finished products or previously frozen ingredients need to be thawed quickly and safely, avoiding bacterial proliferation and preserving freshness, consistency, flavour and texture.

In restaurant chains, canteens and centralised workshops, menu planning and attention to food costs require a robust and standardised production process. Space for improvisation must be limited in favour of a rituality that finds great benefit in the use of reliable, high-performance and easy-to-use technologies.

Operational Efficiency

Thaw.Pro is a great ally of catering managers because it allows them to improve the operational efficiency of the business.

The main reasons are 3:

- it can work 24 hours a day non-stop
- it is suitable for defrosting products in different quantities and the duration of the programme varies according to the actual load, saving twice as much time and money
- it avoids waste and improves stock management because only the products necessary for production will be defrosted.

These are decisive aspects in creating an economically and ethically sustainable business.

10 foods to be defrosted in a kitchen centre

In cooking centres, mainly 10 types of food are defrosted, which will be offered with different cooking methods and formats in various dishes on the menu.

- Chicken: half or whole, wings, thighs
- Hamburgers
- Ribs
- Steaks
- Salmon steaks
- Molluscs
- Lasagne
- Savoury pies
- Mousse
- Single-portion desserts

Overnight thawing of the most frequently used items enables preparation times to be speeded up.

In the morning, the brigade will find fresh food ready to be processed or distributed to company canteens, schools, hospitals where it can be enjoyed cold or regenerated.

What to defrost in the bakery

Production control and organisation are essential even in large pastry laboratories. Thaw.Pro ensures that ingredients are ready for use at the right time while maintaining their original freshness.

Sponge cake and shortcrust pastry are certainly among the main semi-finished products that can be thawed as needed on production days when produced and frozen.

Ice creams and parfaits can be restored to serving temperature and displayed in the shop window in a matter of minutes. Think of an ice cream parlour that produces, freezes and stores large quantities of ice cream in tubs, sticks and parfaits. With Thaw.Pro, every day, you can bring back full loads of product to -12°C for distribution to ice cream parlours that only sell to the public.

Customisable programmes

For all major foods Thaw.Pro has a dedicated thawing programme whose set-up varies according to the amount of product inserted. Each cycle can be customised, saved and repeated every day, a feature that ensures excellent results and high quality standards.

Safety and control

Thaw.Pro connects to Cosmo and remotely you can be sure that the programmed activities are carried out correctly. Any anomaly is promptly reported with a notification on the smartphone.

Haccp on line

Cosmo helps you keep your HACCP register up-to-date.

Through the app you can download and archive daily reports or retrieve those of previous days.

Every cycle performed is also saved on the machine and can be downloaded or consulted on the display.

Hygiene and cleaning

Thaw.Pro is easy to clean because every component is removable and dishwasher safe, while the defrosting chamber is sanitised in minutes with an ozone cycle.

Now it will certainly become clearer to you that using the Thaw.Pro defrost cabinet can result in a significant improvement in operational efficiency and resource management.

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Defrost safely with Thaw.Pro

Thaw.Pro is the new Coldline defrost cabinet that efficiently and safely brings large quantities of...

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